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Diesel Power Fortified Solutions is a growing company that serves the off road construction, mining and farming sectors. We offer services ranging from regular maintenance and repairs of any heavy equipment through to custom installations of our DPF and EGR delete systems. 

The DPF system is part of the exhaust system which consists of the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and finally a muffler. This system has been a problem spot for a number of heavy equipment operators as any number of minor problems on the machine can cause the failure of the DPF system.

The failures of the DPF system are plugged filters which can be caused by; a poorly running engine, EGR cooler failure, excessive idling, excessive fuel and or oil consumption, and many others. A common fail point of the DPF system is the DOC. This is due to when a machine is idled, the DOC will soak up hydrocarbons with not enough heat to create the chemical reaction. After this happens when the machine is first reved up, the engine heat will be created and the DOC will take off on an uncontrolled burn. This temperature is not monitored unless the machine is in a regen so it burns out the matting holding the doc in place. This in turn usually causes the DOC to rub the DPF Filter causing a costly amount of downtime and replacement of the parts. These parts alone are generally around $10,000 a piece. 

​The units we sell eliminate downtime (failures and regens) and maintenance of the exhaust system. Our system saves fuel due to no unneccesary regen and by providing a less restrictive exhaust throughput. The system maintains the machine to look factory with no real visible changes. The machines after our system are installed provide almost no visible sign of change to the amount of exhaust leaving the machine.

All of our services can be provided on site / location of the machine and require no transportation of the machine to have the DPF or EGR delete systems installed. Our DPF delete system has a very quick turnaround time of only a couple of hours and has almost a zero change of any site spill or contamination. You can find on this page a list of the current services available. If your machine does not appear on the list give us a call as there is a chance we are currently working on providing a solution for that specific equipment, or we may be able to work out a solution for that particular troublesome machine.

DPF/EGR deletes available

John Deere - 870GLC John Deere - 670GLC John Deere - 470GLC John Deere - 245GLC John Deere - 135GLC Hitachi - ZX870-5 Hitachi - ZX670-5 Hitachi - ZX470-5 Hitachi - ZX350-5 Hitachi - ZX290-5 Hitachi - ZX250-5 Hitachi - ZX210-5

EGR deletes available

John Deere - 850DLC John Deere - 650DLC John Deere - 450DLC John Deere - 225DLC Hitachi - ZX850-3 Hitachi - ZX650-3 Hitachi - ZX450-3 Hitachi - ZX350-3 Hitachi - ZX270-3 Hitachi - ZX230-3 Hitachi - Any -3 hitachi

DPF/EGR deletes coming soon

John Deere - 50G
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